Inverness City and La Baule France Town Twinning

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The Town of La Baule, France

La Baule was the second town to be twinned with Inverness and this took place in 1981.

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La Baule is situated on the Cote d'Amour in the south of Brittany in France and has large stretches of beautiful beaches. Extensive areas of natural salt flats have given rise to an important salt gathering industry producing mineral rich natural sea salt.

Originally a farming area, it is predominately dependent on tourism. The population rises from some 18,000 people in winter to 180,000 in summer. Many holiday houses are owned by Parisians for weekend and holiday accommodation.

The twinning of Inverness with La Baule evolved from contacts between councillors from the two towns. In 1981 the twinning charter was signed and the twentieth anniversary was celebrated in 2001 with a visit to Inverness.

In La Baule, Twinning is dealt with by the Mairie.


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