Twinned with Inverness

The City of Ausburg

The first town to be twinned with Inverness was Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany. This was brought about by the Government to promote friendly links between Germany and Britain in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The site of Augsburg was originally occupied by a Celtic tribe known as the Vindelicer. It became the Roman capital of Southern Germany 2000 years ago. At around 489 metres above sea level it is situated on the rolling hills between the rivers Lech and Wertach.

Augsburg stands at the intersection of major trade and travel routes and is the third largest city in Bavaria. In 1892 Rudolph Diesel invented the Diesel engine and the patent was given to the machine factory in Augsburg; eventually production spread around the world.

Augsburg is an University City and administrative centre. It is an important location for advanced computer and electronics technology. At any one time a quarter of the population (some 60000 people) are taking an educational course.

Germany’s most beautiful Synagogue is in Augsburg and the Cathedral has five stained glass windows dating from the 11th Century.

Originally twinned in 1956, Inverness and Augsburg celebrated the 40th anniversary of twinning with a mini Highland games, trade displays and Scottish entertainment in Augsburg.

Town Twinning in Augsburg is the responsibility of the Mayor’s office in the Rathouse.